Why You Should Read Reviews and How to Pick the Best Type Mattress

Mattress Sizes

Ghosts are available in all of the orthodox standard bed sizes so no matt what you are looking for in a mattress, you can be sure to find it here. They range from the approximately 39 inches by 74-inch-long Twin size, all the way up to the 76 inches wide by 80 inches long King-size bed. For those who prefer length, the mattress is also available in 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, California Kingsize.

This is as opposed to some of its competitors like if you were to see Simba mattress reviews they have a little bit different sizes. Some competitors only have certain specifications available soon dimensions alone; we can already see how big an edge these mattresses have over some leading brands out there. The decision to produce their mattress in every size is just further in line with the company’s intention to satisfy every kind of consumer.

Things That Customers Say About Them (Reviews)

Customer feedback of the Ghostbed has been nothing short of praiseworthy. Many people have voiced their approval and satisfaction of the product all of this taking into account their considerably high expectations. Reviews have revealed that the bed to be an all-round good product. Furthermore, people have commented on how the Ghostbed is superior to its competitors, all the while boasting a lower price.

A lifestyle blogger known as Crystal R. did a Puffy mattress review and the Ghostbed on her blog. She talked about the entire process from purchase all the way to set up and was thoroughly impressed. She first noted how the delivery was on time (the Ghostbed’s websites boasts an outstanding 1-day delivery) and that they all came in compact boxes – easier for movement. She then commented on her experience with setup, especially stressing about how easy she found the setup. Once out, the mattress took only a matter of hours to fully expand to its advertised size; faster than the 24hrs Ghostbed says to allow. Overall, she found the product very satisfactory and recommended Ghostbed to anyone who is currently dissatisfied with their current bed.

Visit TopMattress, an online bed review blog, also found the Ghostbed to be an exceptional product. They analyzed the bed from a variety of measures, firmness, testing flexibility, and durability amongst other things. In the end, it came out strong on all fronts. They concluded by recommending the bed, noting how well they found it would accommodate all different kinds of sleep issues that people may currently have.

The official Ghostbed website itself has well over 11 000 reviews, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a dissatisfied customer. The reviews varied in the scope of their commendation but where all unified in praise for the mattress. Many customers commented on the level of comfort they found that the mattress provided while others mentioned their satisfaction with the coolness and soft linen cover. Praise was not reserved for the mattress itself as many people also took to the website to air their satisfaction with the quick delivery time and easy setup of the mattress once it arrived.

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