Four Ways To Optimize Your Image

There was a time where people could put random pictures on their site and get away with it. Now, you are asking for trouble by doing this. Here are four ways you can make sure the image is optimized and will work out the way you want it to.

Use Alt Tags

This is the primary way to ensure your image is optimized for ranking and for bolstering your site. You will need to add in keywords from your niche to the alt tags in your image. This will help make it easier for bots to come in and know what your site is about.

Position Appropriately On Page

Where is the image being put on your website? How does it fit with the layout of your text or whatever else is being put on the site? It should flow, and it should be in sync with the rest of the design. It shouldn’t be off to the corner as that is poor positioning and throws everything off.

Remove Clutter From Image URL

You want to take a look at the image URL to see what it has to say. Make changes to it and ensure it reads nicely. You can do this through WordPress easily. Look into it as soon as you can.

Sync With Website Content

This should be common sense, but that is often difficult for some people who are prone to being all over the place. Don’t be one of them! If you are not thinking about this, you are going to end up with an image that doesn’t make sense for where it is. This will put off the traffic that is coming into your site. Think about this as you look to find a way to optimize the images that are on the site. There are too many site owners who think they can toss up images and that is all they will need to do. This isn’t true at all, and you are going to see terrible results because of it. The most important thing a site owner can do is consider all of these ways before moving forward. You will be able to generate a great response as soon as you use these ways to get to where you need to be.