Dental SEO Achievements and Gallery

Do you have a dental practice? Would you like to create a business that will acquire new clients every single week? To do this, you are going to have to spend some money on advertising. The type of advertising that you do could be in the local paper, PPC advertising on Google, or you could build up your Facebook page. However, if you want to have consistent traffic over the next several months or years, search engine optimization is a strategy that you will want to implement to get these types of results. Here are eight dental SEO achievements that any dental company can achieve.

Top Rankings For Longtail Keywords

The first thing that can be achieved is making a page 1, or even number one position, for longtail keywords. These may not get as much traffic as shorter keywords, but you will be able to generate many of these top positions. This is because local keywords that are much longer, usually greater than four words in length for each keyword phrase, can help people get several hundred or even several thousand new visitors every month.

Top Video Rankings

You need to do videos for your dental practice. They should be professionally produced, and then you will have a YouTube channel and also embed these videos on all of your posts. This will make it easy for you to get this done in the shortest period. Videos rank much more easily than content that is written out, so you should see many top positions from your video ranking efforts.

Traffic From Social Media

Although Facebook and Twitter have long been considered strictly a place to generate social activity, they have been used very effectively to get people more traffic. This will also give you more links pointing back to your website as your viral posts begin to spread. This can be done using images or videos, helping you to get more shares and more traffic to your website.

High Rankings For Local Keyword Terms

If you want to get top rankings for the best keywords, local keywords are the ones you want to focus on. These can help you get high rankings simply because very few others are targeting them, and these are the fastest ones to rank on the web. These are different from longtail keywords because you are adding your city, state, or even your ZIP Code to the keywords that you are trying to rank.

Local Listings And More Landing Pages For Subscribers

If you do have a position on the local listings, by having a website, it will make it easier for you to get top rankings. It’s that easy to do. You will have no problem at all moving higher in the local listings once you have complied with all of their requests. One of those requests is to have a fully functional website which you can list on the local listings that can boost you up to the top. Once you start to get more testimonials, could find yourself to be the top dentist that people are calling upon to help them with their problems. Finally, you will also have more landing pages for people that would like to subscribe to your newsletter to get a discount on the services that you offer.

There are many other ways to generate a great exposure. Some work better than others but that comes with testing and keep in mind that every nitch is different. For example, some nitches local listings will work a lot better than other. So make sure you speak to a professional first and see what they recommend the best for your business.

All of these things can help you generate more traffic, and more business, by finding your way to the top of the search engine listings. By using simple on-site and off-site optimization techniques to improve your website and also get more backlinks, you can experience all 8 of these SEO achievements and perhaps much more.

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